TV and radio Yes. Be sure to credit me or purchase a license.
YouTube videos Yes, AND you can monitize the videos. Be sure to credit me.
streaming sites Yes. Be sure to credit me.
live productions Yes. Be sure to credit me.
in store Yes. Be sure to credit me or purchase a license.
phone on-hold music Yes. Be sure to credit me or purchase a license.
for something else? Probably. Be sure to credit me or purchase a license.

Title Andris Kirilovs (Nordensound.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

It is important that you replace the word Title with the Actual Title of the piece that you are using!

Yes. Credits change from media to media - but in general a credit needs to be placed such that a person who wants to know where the music came from should have no difficulty in finding it. A reasonable effort may be expended (e.g. clicking on a credits option) but the credit should not be obscured.
Videos YouTube and Vimeo credits can be placed in the video description or in the video itself.
Streaming On your profile page, add a "Music" section to place the credits.
Video Games Most commonly, credits are placed on a "Credits" screen found in the settings menu.
Live Production Credits should be placed in the program for the production. If no program exists, a voice announcement can be made.
Films Credits should be placed in the credits portion of the film, either before or after the main film section.
Podcast/Audio Production Credits should be voiced - usually at the end of the production.
TV/Radio Ads It is more common to purchase a Standard License", but credits may be shown visually in the production, or done as a voice-over in audio-only media.
Music on Hold It is more common to purchase a Phone System License, but it is possible to record a voice-over for each piece of music used.
Background Music It is more common to purchase a "Retail Location License, but credits may be posted in a public area of the retail space.
If you are interested in using a piece in a television broadcast or radio commercial, or some other format where credits are impossible, obtain a Standard License.

Could not find the answer?

If you didn't find the answer or you question isn't listed here, feel free to email me and I will respond usually within one or two days.

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